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Brad carvingMy name is Brad Snodgrass and I am a decoy carver living and working adjacent to the beautiful Trinity River, one of Northern California's premier steelhead and salmon streams.

My life in California was preceded by 35 years, working, hunting and fishing in Alaska during its "golden years". You will find this experience reflected in my work, and you will see my affinity to birds and fish of that northern region. I have been blessed to hold in my hands, many species that most people will never have the opportunity to see.

I specialize in the "Full Decorative Style" of carving, where feather details are burned into the wood before painting. Few carvers, these days, have the time or patience to sculpt a full decorative bird, which takes around 150 hours of work. The technique is very labor intensive, and produces a bird which looks like it will just fly away! An option to the full decorative bird, is called a "Smoothie", where the additional feather burning is not done before the painting. The hunting style birds that you will see on the website, are all "Smoothies". Check out my birds by clicking on the "Carvings" tab!

Some of the birds on the website are for sale. Photos of some sold birds are shown on the site as examples of the quality of my work. If you wish to purchase a bird, please contact me for prices.

Featured Carving
Featured Carving

My Paradise Shelduck Hen is a full decorative style piece, and was a commissioned carving. For larger images, click on the photo.

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