Both the Decorative and Hunting Style birds are often judged floating on water, either in a tank or outdoor pond, which stems from the original purpose of the art form, namely, a decoy to make the real birds feel safe on the pond. Judges look for accuracy in both anatomy and coloring, and whether the bird floats naturally. With hunting style decoys, the ability to self-right on the pond is also considered, so the keel is often weighted.

I now compete successfuly in several west coast shows, and my birds have been purchased by collectors from all over the country. I have conducted a carving seminar sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Ward Wildlife Museum in Salisbury, MD, and occasionally offer carving seminars at my studio. In addition, I judge at various shows, inluding the World competition. I am a regular exhibitor at the Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton, Maryland, which is one of the largest and most prestigious exhibitions of wildfowl art in the country.

Since 2007, my birds have won numerous awards at wildlife art shows, and have been featured regularly in "Wildfowl Carving Magazine", which highlights winning birds from all of the carving shows around the country.

I hope that you enjoy visiting my birds on the website, or attend one of the shows to see them in person! To get a sense of what a show is about, click on the link, which is a G3 Sportsman TV program about a Pacific Flyway Decoy Association Show.

For a closer look at some of my most recent award winning decoys, click on the images below:

Curlew-Antique Style Goldeneye Drake
Ruddy Drake in Eclipse Plumage Ruddy Hen in Eclipse Plumage
Ring-necked Drake Scoter
Mandarin Drake Plover-Antique Style
Wigeon Drake Cinnamon Teal Drake